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Pingu (All current broadcasts since 2008, 1986-2005): The logo plays, but Bugs Bunny is replaced with Pingu, who eats a fish carrot. The music is the drum beat from the 2002 classic Pingu intro. On seasons 5-6, the drum beat was replaced with the 2004 drum beat.

Frazzle and Robin Get the Band Back Together (Looney Tunes short, 1968): The 1967-1969 Warner Bros-Seven Arts Looney Tunes bumper plays, but the music for the 1967-1969 WB-SA logo is mixed with the music for the 1963-1967 Warner Bros Looney Tunes bumper for the Studio and Series logos, and for the closing bumper, the 1963-1969 WB music plays as usual.

Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies (theatrical version, 1972): Identical to the 1964-1967 "Abstract WB" logo and the 1967 version of the W-7 variant, except the Abstract WB (or W-7 shield) is now replaced with a purple \\' symbol which appears piece-by-piece as the purple lines disappear one-by-one ala the 1963-1967 WB cartoon intro. The Looney Tunes title card is the same as the 1963-1967 version, complete with the bannerless WB shield on the right. The music is the 1967 opening theme variant that generally accompanied the "Abstract W-7" opening sequence. The closing now has the purple \\' appearing piece-by-piece, and the byline reads "A WARNER BROS. CARTOON" with the bouncing "OO" animation, and "A WARNER COMMUNICATIONS RELEASE" underneath in the Handel Gothic typeface.

What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2003): The episodes "Whether or Not the Weather Demon's Caught" and "The Great Ghost Train Robbery" both do not end with the regular 2003-2007 Warner Bros. Animation logo; instead they end with the 1967-1969 Warner Bros.-Seven Arts Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies closing bumper, complete with the 1963-1969 WB cartoon closing theme music playing underneath. After the "OO" animation and the "A VITAGRAPH RELEASE" line comes up, a byline fades up on the bottom underneath the logo.

Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated (Season 3) (2013-2015): A parody of the Stephen J. Cannell Productions logo is seen, with Daffy Duck typing at a typewriter. He tosses the paper over his shoulder, and rather than the "C" logo, it forms a black-and-white WB shield, as "Warner Bros. Animation" appears above it. The music is the same as the Cannell Productions logo parody from The Simpsons episode "The Front."

Toontopia: The Gates Open (2008): The current logo plays as normal, until Bugs Bunny munches on his carrot. Two voices are heard arguing offscreen, and Bugs gets a little curious. The voices get louder, and then Spigot from Jerkcity and Jughead from the Archie Comics walk on screen. Jughead pulls out a sword, and Spigot starts screaming. Jughead chases Spigot offscreen, and Bugs shrugs, then the logo continues like normal.

Tom & Jerry: The Movie 2 (2010): The current logo plays, but Bugs Bunny eating a carrot is replaced with Jerry eating a piece of cheese.

Flake R.
Johnny Test Begins (2009): The current logo plays, but Bugs Bunny is replaced with Johnny Test, who is eating his carrot.

Gizmo: The Creator Who Inspired Hatena (December 20, 2014): A custom version of the logo is played (similar to the Warner Bros. Family Entertainment logo) in which "WB" reads "GB" and the banner reads "GIZMO BROS." The byline is replaced with "A Warner Bros. Entertainment Company".

Toontopia 2: The Haunted House (2010): The logo plays normal, but this time, Finn and Jake land on the shield's ring. They say, "Hey, Bugs." Then, the red background turns into a dark sky, lightning strikes the shield, and they all run away. Finally, the logo fades into the Cartoon Network Films logo.

Xiaolin: The Movie (October 10, 2014): The shield is replaced with Omi's head as the other Xiaolin Dragons and the Heylin clash throughout the logo.

A Very Merry Looney Tunes Christmas Movie (2018): The Letters "WB" and "Animation" are green while the inside is the usual red, and it's snowing in the background, the logo then fade out and the opening credits roll


ALF (2009): The 2008 logo plays, but Bugs Bunny eating a carrot is replaced with ALF eating a sandwich (which it's probably a cat).