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Background: Z Entertainment is a company founded by Michael Rosen in 1990. Z Entertainment produced the Finger series, Mrs. Goodall vs. the Pickle 3-D, Stella And Adriana, Michael Rosen: Plum Genius, The Adventures of Michael Rosen and Back at the Truckstop among other shows and movies.

1st Logo (September 3-December 13, 1997)

Logo: On a black background, a light yellow "Z", with "ENTERTAINMENT" also in light yellow below it. The "Z" then rotates, turning into a lip shape, and says "When I was six I ate a bag of plums!" (provided by Rosen himself).

FX/SFX: The "Z" talking.

Music/Sounds: A Wacky 3-note 80s style synth theme, with the "Z"'s dialogue playing over it.

Availability: Extinct. It only appeared on the one-off Dr. Robotnik special The Z Show (a.k.a., and the 1997 TBN special Mrs. Goodall vs. the Pickle

Scare Factor: Low. The "O" talking may creep some out.

2nd Logo (1997-2006)

Nicknames: "The Purple Z", "Still Z"

Logo: On a white background, a purple "Z" is on the center, which is surrounded by "entertainment" underneath.

Variants: Sometimes the background is black, the logo is on a white oval, or the logo is smaller.

FX/SFX: None.

Cheesy Factor: Still logos are always bland.

Music/Sounds: None

Availability: Seen on movies like Truckstop, Michael Rosen: Plum Genius, and Mrs. Goodall VS. the Pickle 3-D.

Scare Factor: None.

3rd Logo (1998-2007)

Nicknames: "The Purple Z II", "The Falling Z", "CGI Z", "ZaaZ!", "Z!"

Logo: On a black background, we see a giant, gelatinous purple "Z" fall to the center of the screen. As it jiggles, "Entertainment" fades in below it.

Variant: Sometimes, "" appears below the logo.

FX/SFX: It's all CGI.

Music/Sounds: Mario and Luigi (from Super Mario Bros) say "It's a Z!" accompanied by a dreamy synth tune. On the Michael Rosen pilot "Runaway Eating Plum", both the "It's A Z!" voiceover and the synth theme sound different--the tune is a lot more dreamy and Michael Rosen himself says "A production filled with Plums!" instead of the Mario and Luigi-provided "It's a Z!" quote.

Availability: Seen on all episodes of The Adventures of Michael Rosen: Plum Genius. It also appeared on said show's "Runaway Eating Plum" pilot. It also appeared on the Fingers! series, such as Finger Wars, Stella And Adriana,  and split-screen airings of Back at the Truckstop when it premiered up to the episode "The Truckstop Games". It currently appears on Robotniktoons reruns of Back at the Truckstop, where it appears in the bottom left corner of the screen, like the credits, in place of the Zmation logo.

Scare Factor: None to minimal; this logo is funny.

4th Logo (1999-2002)

Logo: In black and white, a finger depicted as a human is sitting on a chair while winding a camera with stacks of film reels next to it in a front of a black background. As he does, the camera projects to reveal the Z Entertainment logo (the same one as the first) while it pans briefly.

FX/SFX: The thumb winding the camera, the panning, and the logo appearing.

Music/Sounds: A piano piece inspired by the music of silent cinema which this logo parodies as well as the sound the camera makes when being winded.

Availability: Seen on the Fingers! series.

Scare Factor: None. It's too hilarious to be scary.