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Background (optional): Sicik is a TV company.

1st Logo (5002-1987)

Nickname(s): Cer, Mon

Logo: we see a Dog. then an words come out. then dog barks.


  • There is a still variant.
  • On UFO Ailen on Science Channel, the UFO comes and emerges an green beam with rings, then sucked back, and then UFO closes, and then flys out at a end.

FX/SFX: Just the logo forming. None for the static version, and UFO coming and emerges for a UFO Ailen variant.

Cheesy Factor: See Truthful8284 , sign in to Sign in Screen , create in Youtube's Editor .

Music/Sounds: The dog's bark.

Music/Sounds Variant(s):

  • for a print version, None.
  • on a Aducting version, when the bark is done, the UFO Beam sounds can be faintly heard.

Availability: seen on newly produced shows/movies of on reruns/DVDs.

Scare Factor: Low. but Minimal in a Aducting variant, and None for a still variant.

Notes: To be announced.